Texas Health Insurance Buyer's Guide

The first step to making a smart health insurance decision is to understand the value of Texas health insurance. Why do you need Texas health insurance? It may sound obvious, but many people don't properly understand the basic purpose of health insurance or how it works.

In brief, health insurance helps protect you and your loved one in the following ways:

Texas Health Insurance protects your WEALTH.

  • You pay medical costs at a negotiated reduced rate.
  • You are shielded from unexpected medical costs. The #1 cause for bankruptcy is medical costs.

Texas Health Insurance protects your HEALTH.

  • You have access to quality care
  • It provides you critical care at a time when you need it.
  • It encourages a healthier lifestyle.

Three key questions to ask yourself in selecting a Texas Health Insurance Plan?

1. How often did you visit the doctor last year?

if you visit the doctor regularly, it may make sense to buy a Texas health plan that offers unlimited copays.

2. How much did you spend on health care last year?

If you spend a lot on health care, it is important to know what you spend it on. If there are recurring costs (ie; prescription drugs) make sure that the plan you select covers these services. If you don't spend much on health care, then you could save money with a plan that provides less generous coverage for office visits or prescription drugs or go with an HSA account.

3. Do you have any pre-existing medical conditions?

Some pre-existing medical conditions (like heart disease, cancer, or diabetes) can make it difficult to get approved for individual and family coverage. However, in 2014 the new health reform changes will come into affect and the Texas major medical carriers will be required to cover everyone regardless of health condition.  But even then you will need guidance to find the best texas health insurance rate. Fill out our Texas health insurance online quote request for a personalized review of the best Texas health insurance option that fits your needs.

Advice and Advocacy for the purchase of Texas Health Insurance

My Texas Health Ins.com is a full service Texas health insurance agency. We are electronically linked with the medical underwriters for all the Texas major medical insurance companies.

If you have prescriptions or medical conditions, we will submit a prescreen underwriting request to the medical underwriters to get the best Texas health insurance premium.

Let us do the leg work for you so that you will know the best Texas health insurance company for your needs. Remember our service is never reflected in your rate and you will save a great deal of time from applying to multiple Texas health insurance companies. We know that your time is important to you. My Texas Health Ins.com is the best resource for individual and family health insurance in Texas.

If you have medical conditions or prescriptions fill out our Texas health insurance online quote and we will email you a custom quote.

Our customers come from Cypress, Katy, Houston, Dallas, El Paso, Austin and other great cities in the lone star state to find cheap health insurance from top rated Texas insurance companies. Contact My Texas Health Ins.com to start receiving and reviewing the most competitive rates for Texas health insurance.

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